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The mission of "Great Concerns Ethiopia" is:  "Serving the lost and poor of Ethiopia".  It's special focus is amongst the unreached People groups of Ethiopia. To accomplish this,  the Great Concerns Ethiopia  (GCE) team utilizes a variety of strategies, including:

  • Discipleship Training

  • Evangelism

  • Church planting

  • Medical/health outreaches    

  • Micro-lending/Micro-business

  • Leadership training

  • Edna E Fansler counseling center for destitue women

The GCE  team consists of three Ethiopians and two Americans. John and Kay McNally, the American team members, help plan, train and coordinate the work in Ethiopia.  In the States, they recruit short term teams and raise funds for the project.  Glas, Asru,  and Gosh are Ethiopians who are completely committed and invested in the work of the GCE Project. They come from a variety of backgrounds : a lawyers, an IT professionals, and a linguist,  but work full time in the ministry of Great Concerns Ethiopia. These Ethiopians are the main interface with the communities. They plan and execute the team's projects. They live with their families in the capital city of Addis Ababa.

Great Concerns Ethiopia is a non-Profit (501( c ) 3)  ministry which is incorporated in the State of Oklahoma,  but functions primarily in the country of Ethiopia.

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