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All ministry depends on and runs on prayer.  We know we cannot accomplish anything in our own strength and rely on our faithful prayer partners to sustain us and strengthen us through prayer. 

We endeavor to keep our known prayer needs before our prayer partners and accept that we do not always know what we need prayer for.  Our adversary is wily and determined.  We cannot under estimate the power of your prayers in thwarting his efforts.

Please pray for us as you are aware of our needs and as God lays it on your heart. 

Great Concerns Ethiopia offers man opportunities to be involved in foreign Missions.  There are teams scheduled throughout the year providing Discipleship training, Muslim Background Believer training, Elementary Teacher training, Medical / Dental teams and Construction teams.  Click on the Go button above for more detail.

We recognize that not everyone can "GO", in terms of selling everything and going to a foreign land, but we also recognize that God has called everyone to "MISSIONS".   Some of us he calls to "GO" on a permanent basis, while others come and GO.  Others are prayer warriors who make the ministry possible and the sacrifices tolerable.  Others are called to GIVE to make it possible for others.

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