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God’s Provision for Ethiopian Drought Victims


    Addulala is the newest church plant of the Addis Kidan denomination, one of our close partners here in Ethiopia.  It is in a remote area of the countryside and in the severe drought area. It is a growing church.  New believers are coming to Christ.  The evangelist/pastor, Birra,  is supported by Great Concerns Ethiopia and attends the Discipleship (GMD Squared) class that is organized by GCE.  


     When we visited the area of Addulala, we observed that people were suffering because of the drought.  They have not been able harvest a crop for 2 years due to the drought.  When we returned to Addis and our team discussed the issue, we remembered the words in Matt. 25: 34-46.  We knew we had to help feed these people.  The very next day, before we even had a chance to make any kind of request for assistance, we received an e-mail from a dear friend at St. Charles United Methodist Church in Destrehan, LA saying they were putting a check in the mail to help with the drought efforts in Ethiopia.  Praise the Lord for his provision!


      The grain was ordered, a truck commissioned and a time was set for the delivery within a week’s time.  At least 70 families were given enough grain to last them for 1 month by government standards.  Some of them had not eaten for 3 days, including 2 pregnant women and the elderly mother of Birra.  We are so grateful to St. Charles UMC for their insight and compassion. 


       The distribution was made at the  Addulala church so that the love of Jesus and love of our neighbors would be imprinted on their hearts and minds.  This church will be salt and light in their community.























Our truck was stacked.  We arrived there and Bira our evangelist with others unloaded the grain






The beneficiaries unloaded the grain. One man carried 100 kg wheat.   Wheat grain on the ground after it is unloaded from the truck














The Ethiopian Addis Kidan Baptist Church Mission Director preached the gospel/ living bread with their local language before the physical food,

Grain for the households under the tree.


Before they take the grain, each household sign on the distribution list just for them and their family members. Here is Bira our evangelist and

Discipleship class student signs on the distribution list.














After they sign, beneficiaries share accordingly.  They use donkey to take the grain to their home.





Beletew Kebede, the General Secretary supports the beneficiaries to load their wheat grain on the donkey.  This woman is almost nine month pregnant and she is so delighted to have this gift.

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