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Mission Opportunities Schedule

GCE provides individuals and churches the opportunity to be involved in on-the-ground ministry in Ethiopia.  It has several focuses and many outlets for individual and group talents.  In 2016/2017, there are numerous team opportunities (see schedule below) . Teaching teams and medical teams make up the bulk of the schedule, as medical teams are most effective, and Discipleship training is our current focus.

Most teams come for 1 week (usually 9-11 days travel inclusive) , but some come for 10 or 14 days.  Cost of trips is approximately $110 to $125 per person per night on the ground, plus airfare.  Medical teams are asked to raise funds for meds and supplies.  Costs vary depending on team size,  availabity of housing, time of year and project costs. Airfare has ranged between $1400 and $2000 per person.  

If you or your church has the desire to send a team, but the following schedule does not fit, contact us and we'll see if we can accommodate. 

Medical teams do day-long clinics in the village churches.  There are no hospitals and government clinics are too far away.  These clinic are very basic.  But, they draw people to the church so that they can begin the process of creating a relationship. Health education for villagers is also an important facet of the clinics.


Teaching teams either teach :

  1. Muslim background evangelists (MBB training)  from a curriculum that  will be shared with interested teachers.  There is a training center near Addis Ababa for this training.   Would prefer a 2 week commitment, but will accept a 1 week.

  2. Evangelists from the Church Planting Movement (CPM) in Discipleship.  These trainings take place in the training center and in the field. Normally this is a 1 week training, but we would do 2 if a teacher is available that long.

  3. Elementary school teaching -  To upgrade teacher's skills, it needs to be when school is not in session, which is from June 15 to Sept 15.   The school has also asked for training for teachers on character development  They also have asked for volunteers of a month or longer to teach elementary topics in English, as well as English language.

Construction teams can be asked to do a variety of things using their expertise in the crafts – electrical, plumbing, carpentry, welding,  etc.

Other trips will be scheduled as they are requested by the churches or ministries.



May 11-16 – Discipleship training  FILLED

September 5-10 -  Discipleship training (1 teacher for 1 week)

September 12-16 – Medical team  (6-10 medical pers.  and helpers)

September 23-Oct 8 (flexible)  - Construction team with Electrician, plumber and carpenter.   (4 – 6 craftsmen and helpers)

October 9 to Nov 17- MBB training           - ( 1 or 2 teachers for 1 or 2 weeks)

October 3 - 9 - Discipleship training (1 teacher for 1 week)

December 5 to January 14- MBB training.  We choose any two weeks. (2 teachers for 1-2 weeks)



March 5-18 (flexible)  -   Discipleship training  (1 teacher for 1 week)

April 10 to May 20   any 2 weeks -  MBB training  ( 2 teachers for 1 or 2 weeks)

May 15-30 (flexible)   - Medical team     (6-10 medical pers. and helpers)

June 5-10 (flexible)    -  Discipleship training ( 1 teacher for 1 week)

June 15-30                    - Elementary teacher training  (1 or 2 teachers for 1 or 2 weeks)     

September  11-16      – Discipleship training (1 teacher for 1 week)

September/October  - elementary teacher ( 1 or 2 teachers for up to 2 months)

October 9 to Nov  17  - MBB training - FULL

October 2-7 (flexible) - Medical team   (6-10 medical pers. and helpers for 1 week)

October 22-28               - Dental team    (4-8 Dentists and helpers for one week)

Nov 5-11                           - Construction team (4-6 craftsmen and helpers for 1 to 2 weeks)

December 11 to January 19   -  MBB training (2 teachers for 1 or  2 weeks)



March 26 to May 11  MBB training  (2 teachers for 1 or 2 weeks)


Postponed Due to Government Restrictions

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