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Testimony of New Believers

The area around the Cheleba Addis Kidan Church and the Adulala Addis Kidan church is totally unreached for the Lord. There are no other Christian churches. What religion there is in that area is animistic, relying on witch doctors to lead people in the worship of trees, rivers, snakes, and other created things. The witch doctor, of course, collects his share of the offerings and gifts as well.

Almost all the new believers were former adherents of the witch doctors.

The following are some testimonial comments from these new believers:

  • We used to sacrifice our cows, our grain, our goats, expecting things to change, but it never happened.

  • I used to go to the witch doctor to be healed, but he could never help. Finally I gave up on him and went to the hospital. They cured my ailments and they never came back

  • I saw people leave the witch doctor to follow this Jesus. I saw how their lives changed. They became better people. It didn't rain any more on their land than on mine, but they seemed to be happier. I decided I wanted what they had.

  • My family was cursed (according to the witch doctor). I had lost 6 of my siblings to disease and accidents. I was looking for peace in my life. I and my other 3 siblings are now following Jesus and have peace.

The witch doctors used to hold sway with these people. They were threatened with magic curses if they did not do as the witch doctor said. He cursed the new church and warned his followers to avoid being with those people for their own good.

The people who have experienced the transformational experience of finding Jesus are happy to have escaped their delusional worship of things through a witch doctor. We are happy to assist in making that happen in this remote, lost area of Ethiopia.

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