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Cheleba Witch Doctor

In a previous report, the Cheleba Addis Kidan Church was discussed. It is a fairly new congregation, being only 7 months old. It sits out in the country, away from the village, but close enough for the village to be its main group of new believers.

When the land for the church was donated by the first convert, it was immediately adjacent to the local witch doctors home and place of worship . An unusual arrangement, but it was what was available, so the church established itself there by promptly building a small building out of available supplies and donations from the members. During construction and during the first months of use, the church was frequently the target of attacks and abuse, both physical and verbal. But, the church members continued to build, worship, pray, and defend. They even used some of the rocks thrown at them to build the base of the church.

The witch doctor continued to curse them, offer sacrifices against them, and insist that his followers try to discourage the members from attending. But to no avail. The church kept getting stronger.

While the church members included the witch doctor in their prayers – particularly that he would come to know the Lord, it wasn't to be. At one point about 6 months after the church was planted, the witch doctor told his followers that he felt like he was burning inside and was going to have to leave the area, which he did. He tore down and burned his buildings and fences and disappeared, leaving remnants of his former stronghold as a witness to the community of the power of Jesus and His church.

Remains of the Cheleba Witch Doctor home and the new church to the right.

Please pray for the continued strength and vitality of the Cheleba Addis Kidan Church

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