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We Need Your Help!

One of our two Ethiopian discipleship leaders, Fikre, has had a terrible automobile accident. Two people were killed and another 5 seriously injured in the accident. His wife and son were not with them in the car. Fikre, who was in the back seat of our vehicle is in the hospital with both femurs smashed, a broken arm, damaged teeth, an injured liver and now respiratory problems.

They have operated on one leg, gluing pieces together and inserting a rod, but they can’t operate on his other leg or his arm until the lung infection he has developed is treated. We haven’t heard what they intend to do about the liver.

In Ethiopia, as in many developing nations, individuals in private hospitals are not treated until they first pay for the treatment. If they are unable to pay, they will be shunted off to a government hospital to wait their turn for surgery or other care – often times, this means “no care”.

In Fikre’s case, his good friend, Asrat, (another of our key leaders) borrowed enough money to get Fikre’s treatment started and Great Concerns Ethiopia funded continuing care. It is not enough to cover all of Fikre’s multiple surgeries and treatment, much less the months of therapy that will necessarily follow.


We have no idea what the final bill for Fikre’s care will be, but from the initial surgery cost, we can be sure it is much more than we have available. Fikre is a key member of the team that is implementing a discipleship strategy and training leaders in Ethiopia and has been the primary care giver and disciple maker at the Well House Women’s Shelter. We need Fikre to recover, to complete his therapy and become mobile again. Will you help us make that happen?

Donate Now via Paypal (no account required), using your credit card, or mail a check to “Great Concerns Ethiopia” at 2732 E 13th St, Tulsa, OK 74104. All donations are tax deductible and your donation will be acknowledged with a huge “Thank You” and a year-end tax letter

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