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UPDATE ON TRIP TO ADULALA - answered prayer

Recently we posted a story about the construction team's visit to Birra's church at Adulala. During that visit, we all gathered (about 70 church members and us) in the newly constructed church to share and pray. Several gave their testimonies - how they came to know Jesus as their savior. Others told about their families and the struggles they were having. One of the members asked for prayer for his efforts to reach his non-believing family. They were tied into animism and worshipped with the witchdoctor of the area. This man told of his efforts to bring his family to the Lord, and how they resolutely refused to listen.

This week we got a call from Birra with an update. The man's family, five in all accepted the Lord Jesus Christ and are joining the church. From persecutors to members in a few short weeks after the group prayed for this. God is good -- all the time. All the time -- God is good.

Birra leading prayer (Asrat translating for us)

Asrat shared this after the phone call from Birra - "I just wanted to share the thing which made me so happy a few hours ago"

Youngster during prayer time.

youngster during prayer time

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