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When one doesn't have a heater or air conditioner in one's home, windows are important to making it comfortable. That's the case here in Ethiopia. We have no heat or A/C, because we don't need it much of the time.

In the month of May, it seems all the flies are re-populating and swarming and the temperature is the highest of the year. Hence, if we leave the windows and/or doors open to cool it off, the flies invade and are in and on everything.

But, this spring we had a missions construction team to come help renovate the "Well House", which they did. But, we asked them to do one small project at our house. We asked them to install screens on our windows so we could keep them open for a breeze and cooling. We had brought screen material with us from the States, but were ill equipped to install it. I had thought I could hold the screen in place with magnets (which I brought back with us also) and then use "Shoe Goo" to fasten the screen to the frames. Does that sound like a good plan? Desperation!!!

The team did a much better job. Jerry Burger, Jeff Newsome, and Brian Roberts created wooden frames for the screens and fastened them to the metal window frame with screws. They had brought the necessary tools with them. Alleluia. Our Ethiopian friend, Joseph then painted them white to match the window frame.

Alleluia - it worked. If we keep our doors shut, we have no flies or mosqito


Thank you Jerry, Brian and Jeff.

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